Mission: To share the gift of Hatha yoga. Through the practice of yoga we can experience inner peace, harmony and connect to your true Self.

Yoga, meaning union, unites mind body and spirit bringing one closer to his/her true Self through balance and learning to live in the moment. Yoga provides a means through which the mind and body can connect, bringing one’s focus inward while moving through various asanas (postures) to become aware of the sensations that the body feels as it stretches, squeezing tissues and organs alllowing the body to detoxify - cleansing and purifying the body. When detoxified, we can strive toward balance and proper energy flow in the body allowing us to ro relax and reduce our stress levels.

In sharing the practice of Yoga, Renée seeks to understand her students goals in order to tailor the practice to suit those needs. Within Hatha yoga, there are many styles available to meet one’s needs. These styles range from gentle, restorative practices to those tauting precise alignment in order to help her students achieve their unique goals through the practice of Hatha yoga.

Generally, classes will be designed for anyone with ANY BODY. The class will consist of standing and seated postures, twists, and forward bends. The emphasis will be on stretching, flexibility, balance and strength. Breath awareness is an integral part of practicing the postures; students will be introduced to a few separate breath techniques. Each class will start with warm-ups and conclude with deep relaxation and a short meditation practice.

The Benefits of Yoga include:
Reduced Stress
Greater Relaxation
Increased Strength
Enhanced Flexibility
Increased Energy
Deeper Concentration
Better Posture
Intelligent Back Care
Improved Circulation
Improved Breathing
Sound Sleep
Just Feeling Great!!